PlaceTab is a location-based social network game. It's about going 'Place' wherever you like, doing 'Quest' what you can do at the place, and getting 'Rewards' from the place. That's the core of it, but there's a whole lot more. Discover cool new places. Do exciting new things. Share what you're up to with your friends. Earn points and badges, and even real world rewards by doing adventurous quests at your favorite places as you go about your daily life.

3 Steps

  • Step 1. Choose Your Place,

    Any place wherever you like is okay. Just go to your favorite place with your smart phone which installed PlaceTab.

  • Step 2. Select Any Quest,

    Check the quest lists for the place, and pick up whatever you want to try, and just do it.

  • Step 3. Play Your Quest and Get Rewards!

    You can get rewards, such as points, badges, even more real world rewards, after you finished the quest successfully.

More Info. & Downloads

PlaceTab is build on QuestAPI™, which is a location-based gamification platform. The place what QuestAPI™ covers is both real places and virtual places. You can make your own service to crossover by using QuestAPI™.

PlaceTab and QuestAPI™ as a platform, provides the easiest tools to adding game dymanics onto your services and the powerful analytics systems to tracking user activites. The following links are for the PlaceTab Clients, Web, and QuestAPI™ systems.