1. noun : Photo,
ex) Wow, you know how to take some cheezes!
2. verb : Taking a photo,
ex) When was the last time you cheezed?

With Cheeze it!, your iPhone turns into a tiny and adorable camera.
You don’t need to be highly skilled, equipped with the best cameras in the world, nor born to be an artist.
Now, you can easily add a unique touch to the photos of your daily life with sophisticated and vintage films from Cheeze it!.

Show them off to your friends! Why not share your amazing moments with the people all over the world?
The only thing you’ll miss is the moments of shaking Polaroid films with excitement!

Are you one of them? You gotta get Cheeze it! for sure!

  • If you’ve been eagerly looking forward to getting an adorable camera.
  • You are addicted to Polaroid, but you are upset that you can’t afford the films anymore.
  • You love to show the photos you shoot to your friends and family, but you’ve never got an “Wow” reaction from them so far.
  • If your eyes still burst into tears while watching soap operas.

‘Super Cute and Hot’ Camera

Wherever you go, make sure to take Cheeze it! with you and
enjoy fun features while taking photos!
Take awesome group shots at the party with self-timer.
And try tilt-shift effect to blur the area surrounding your subject
to make your photos look small and toy-like.
That’s not it! It has flash, grid view, and so much more...
You probably won’t carry heavy cameras after all!

‘Yummy’ Cheeze Films

Mozzarella, Feta, Gorgonzola, Comte...
hmmm...! Just listening to these names will make you hungry!
Cheeze it! has special films with unique names.
Our diverse collection of films will make your photos more beautiful and more delicious. Expect more from us.
More yummy films are about to come!