give people the practical tools to make their own dreams come true

our mission statement, 2010

  • Waplestore Inc.
  • Founded : October 17, 2009
  • Founders : Jay Cho, Kay Rhee,
  • Miyo Kwon
  • Incorporation : April 13, 2010
  • Headquarters : Seoul, Korea

Waplestore Inc. - as the second challenge

Three co-founders of Waplestore Inc. had their first meeting at October 17, 2009, and they agreed to start a small experiment, which was about finding and doing what they want to do instead of what they have to do.

During the experiment in six months, they worked by day as an ordinary office worker and worked by night and weekend as a member of the team Waplestore. It was a hard work in physically, but they was happy and passionated because they tried to make their dreams come true; that's the reason they called themselves as 'the Happy Dream Bakers'.

Finally, they achieved meaningful success in their work and realized that all the challenge to the dream is valuable in itself. And now, they incorporate Waplestore Inc. to give people the practical tools to make their own dreams come true. It's their second challenge and the mission of Waplestore Inc. :)

Three Values from three co-founders.

As a worldwide mobile application developer and web-based service provider, we have three essential values which we believe in and base all our decisions on,


Without user values, the powerful technology and the beautiful design are nothing to be valuable. We believe that the real service can be created only when we listen very carefully to the voice of the user. Google said "Focus on the user and all else will follow. You can make money without doing evil." on their ten things. The sincerity, which we believe in, may have the same meaning as theirs. We just believe an eternal truth that being sincere is the best at anytime and anywhere. - Jay Cho


The openness does not merely mean having open mind. It includes the faith for the possibility that all the dreams in the world can come true and the fact that unbounded thinking leads to the vivid imagination or the creative mind. The person, who have openness, can listen carefully to the voice of the people, and the consideration for others is ingrained into their mind. - Kay Rhee


We believe that the only difference between the professional and the amateur is whether they have a sense of shame or not. The person, who is sensible to shame, can make greater efforts and achieve self-development at the end, and it may mean the professionalism. The professional always try to pursue the perfection, without compromise, in their field. - Miyo Kwon

* We really appreciate James Starmer allowing the use of his gorgeous picture here.